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Whats there to say really? We are old sport car nuts and I like all things British and European with wheels. Resident of the UK for several years and always liked the attraction of the Little British Cars driving around the country lanes. Even when I lived down under in Australia the LBC's were everywhere. It was somewhat a throw back to younger days in the National Service posted in Belgium with my little MG Midget. These days we attend a few but sooner than later there will be a constant attendance at the LBC shows with one of our own as retirement is looming. We are the current caretakers of a 1952 MG-TD and a 1974 MGB.

We currently are back and forth between China and home getting various marques re-produced. Currently we are trialing our endeavor with what we own and cherish like so many others. Soon there will be 3 -4 models of the following.

  • Triumph

  • Mini

  • Morgan

  • Sunbeam

  • Porsche

Seriously freinds, enjoy these beautiful laser engraved bits of artwork in a beautiful 2" X 2" X 31/2" crystal block. Each sculpture comes in a beautiful gift box and protective sleeve.

They will satisfy the collector in your house for the perfect gift or decor for the library or the office. They are nice.

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