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May the 5th

Happy Cinco de Mayo. I should get on here more often. Just so busy trying to get my MGB back on the road. Since my last blog CC's have been sent to Italy, Germany, Sweden and Canada. Most excellent! I cannot forget also CO, OH and both Carolinas. I would be looking to make about 100 pre-1970 Mini Coopers, Is it possible I could test the waters with demand? Let me know

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Its April,...really???

The year is flying and so are the little crystal MG cars. I think every continent is now covered except Antarctica. Who will get an MG there first? Our furthest customer is in north island New Zealand in Auckland. That's sooo far from western New York. But regardless of where you live just realize these artful creations are from John and Carol in western New York, nowhere else! These are somewhat unique in the fact they are not mass produced. Thanks for the continued support and patronage MG community. Safety Fast! Be sure to see our page on Facebook, search

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Cutting it close to Christmas folks!

Today is the 18th of Dec. I can no longer assure you to get your crystal MG by the 25th. But that's okay. They are available yer round for any special occasion like your MG,s birthday or the anniversary of the day you bought your MG or celebrating the day you first got your MG licensed for the road. You get the drift? They are a nice addition to a bookcase or your desk anytime of the year! Ho Ho Ho! Please let me know what you think from my friends in South Africa, Sweden and Virgin Islands think about your Crystal MG's. I am attaching some pics from a local car show we went to. Vrooom!

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